(no matter which side you take in this paternity leave debate, I’m sure we can all agree the above procedure should never be performed by a member of the New York Mets medical staff)

…in that he’s taking the heat off Mike Francesa.   On Wednesday, the latter expressed his distaste for Mets 2B David Murphy missing the season’s first two games on paternity leave (“I mean, what would you possibly be doing? I guarantee you’re not sitting there holding your wife’s hand”), though on the scale of knuckle-dragging rhetoric,  WFAN’s afternoon drive host was incredibly outweighed by morning co-host/ex-QB Boomer Esiason.  From The Raw Story’s Scott Kaufman :

Esiason insisted that, because the baby was expected to arrive near the beginning of the baseball season, Daniel Murphy should have forced his wife “to have a C-section before the season starts.”

“‘I need to be here Opening Day,’” Esiason said Murphy should have told his wife. “‘I’m sorry.’”

His co-host Craig Carton agreed, saying that “assuming the birth went well, the wife is fine, the baby is fine, [you should get] 24 hours and then you get your ass back to the team and you play baseball.”