The Boston Globe’s Shira Springer reported today that not only has Patriots QB Tom Brady suffered a torn ACL in his left knee, but his medial collateral ligament was torn as well. What does this mean for those of us who didn’t attend Hollywood Upstairs Medical College? Well, not only does Tom Terrific have to endure 6-9 months of rehab at the very least, but he’ll have plenty of time to catch up on Amanda Cobra reminding the rest of the world “he represents the archetype of someone who has never and will never have to face any type of adversity in any way.” From You Go Live In Utah :

I’m not saying that every athlete should be some malnourished Kenyan long distance runner who fashions his shoes out of banana leaves and strands of his dead mother’s hair. And I am also not saying that being born with the winning DNA lottery ticket is in any way his cross to bear. But he very clearly exudes the air of having lived his entire life knowing that he would never want for anything. He wouldn’t have to worry about academics, he’s got a full athletic scholarship ride, duh. What if he didn’t want to do that? Well, he could always just get lazy and be a male model, I guess. What if he got too lazy to do that? Well, he’s from a pretty financially comfortably family so he could always sort of just ride that train and see where it takes him. Now, of course we know that he did end up going to Michigan and majored in organizational studies (cough cough) and so on and so forth. But again, it’s hard not to see the world as being just laid at his feet.

And with all of these golden opportunities laid at the golden child’s feet, I guess I would just hope for a little more hubris in interviews. Because all I get from Tom Brady in interviews is a smug knowledge that he will never have to answer for anything. Trails of pregnant ex-girlfriends and supermodel current girlfriends? Meh. Talk to the dimples. Spygate? Please refer all questions to my Stetson ads. It almost feels like with one small tweak, he could be the coolest guy on the planet. He could be football’s Paul Rudd. Girls want him, guys want to be him. Of course, that one small tweak would be for him to become a likable self-deprecating human (appearing on Family Guy doesn’t count, sorry) instead of a smug Prom King nightmare.

Some people might get up in arms about this being bad for football. They are of course wrong. How in the world can the “unbeatable” team in the AFC being knocked from the top and shaking up the entire AFC and opening up the race to ANYONE in the first game of the season be anything but completely exciting, refreshing and, dare I say it, a nice little parable of the big guy never being invincible.

Not sure if I totally agree with the notion that T.B. has never known adversity. Though there are some disenfranchsed persons who look upon Brady with a mixture of envy and resentment, few of ’em know what it’s like to have TMZ bribing your doorman. Similarly, the starlets-and-models thing must be taxing.  You could ask Bo Belinsky…but HE’S DEAD.