XM’s “The Show” (with no apologies to Harry Shearer, apparently) is never as exasperating as it is when Kevin Kennedy and Rob Dibble wax nostalgic about their managing and playing days, respectively. These mental midgets are operating under the delusion that XM subscribers need constant reinforcement that insights gleaned from their not-quite Hall Of Fame careers are of any value whatsoever.

Today, Kennedy discussed the sort of input he received from General Manager Tom Grieve in Texas (minimal, supportive), and later from widely-disliked Dan Duquette during K-squared’s tenure with the Red Sox (meddling, annoying). The GM shouldn’t be writing the lineup card, Kennedy opined, adding that “I’ve heard from several players in Oakland that Billy Beane makes out the lineup card. I don’t know if its true, but I’ve heard from several people that’s what he does. Maybe we can get Billy on the show and find out.”

Yes, that’s a great idea. Even better, maybe someone could write a book about it.

Later, Kennedy offered that during his 9 years of broadcasting (shocking that there’s been no rush to rehire him as a manager), only on one occasion has he set foot in a big league clubhouse because “that’s their sanctuary. I’m not a spy.”

“My first year in broadcasting, I saw enough naked men to last a lifetime.” moaned Dibble.

So there’s at least one thing the former Reds reliever and Michael Barrymore have in common.