Wojohowicz forwarded the following excerpt from Judy Batista of the New York Times’ coverage of the growing turmoil at Giants practice.

The backup running back Brandon Jacobs channeled the 1980™s hair band Twisted Sister when he and a few others directed an off-key version of œWe™re Not Gonna Take It at reporters as the Giants left the practice field. In one corner of the locker room, linebacker Antonio Pierce blamed ” and thanked ” members of the news media for causing a disruption. Strahan avoided reporters on the day he normally speaks to them. Eli Manning, true to his retiring personality, avoided the topic entirely. And Burress, who said he spoke with Strahan, said he was not angry at anyone.

Batista neglected to mention that club officials have confiscated all audio and video recordings of Colonel Coughlin’s acapella rendition of The Dictators’ “Sleepin’ With The T.V. On”, but I’m confident it will turn up on YouTube very shortly.