Seriously, which ‘net-savvy Association baller would you have expected to publicly name drop “Gossip Girl”?  Ron Artest? Brian Scalabrine?  Portland’s Greg Oden celebrated being complimented on his humility (!) by Peter Vecsey by fouling out after just 18 minutes of action in the Blazers’ 93-78 loss to Boston last night, and presumably the towering 2nd year center was not still consumed with thoughts of the week’s sightseeing.  From :

The road trip has been good so far besides basketball they are some really good cities that we have been too. In Detroit i got to see my mom so that was good. Then in New York i just like it, me and Steve Blake went out to dinner and i got to see some of the places that were on this weeks episode of Gossip Girl.

With any luck, Portland’s visit to Toronto tomorrow will afford Oden and Blake an opportunity to check out some of the restaurants featured in episodes of “Degrassi : The Next Generation”.