Brooklyn businesses, align with Bruce Ratner at your own peril. Newsday’s Amy Zimmer explains.

(Season 3 of “Arrested Developement”. probably coming to a DVD player near you, soon)

Freddy™s Bar & Backroom ” a dive joint in the footprint of where Bruce Ratner wants to build a $3.5 billion basketball arena and residential high-rises ” has become the epicenter for opponents of the project.

That™s why bartender Bleu-Jasmine Liverpool faces a quandary: Brooklyn Lager, the bar™s top seller, is produced by the Brooklyn Brewery, whose owner Steven Hindy is pro-arena and hosted a party last week for Ratner officials and Borough President Marty Markowitz that included New Jersey Nets dancers.

œI guess we ought not to sell it, but it™s what people order, said the Fort Greene native who lives three blocks from the proposed Atlantic Yards site. œThe regulars drink Bud draft, but everyone else drinks Brooklyn Lager.

œBy patronizing businesses that support the Ratner project, people are supporting things like eminent domain, the destruction of a neighborhood and massive public subsidies, said Daniel Goldstein, a spokesman for Ratner-foe Development Don™t Destroy Brooklyn. œThey are supporting something that will literally shut down businesses, like Freddy™s.

Scott Turner, a Brooklynite who founded Fans for Fair Play ” a group of anti-arena sports fans ” called for a boycott of Brooklyn Brewery beers.

œWhen you ask people why they drink Brooklyn, some will say it™s for the taste, but a lot of people say because it™s from Brooklyn, said Turner, who used to stock his fridge with Brooklyn Lager.