The New York Post’s Larry Brooks considers the following after the New York Rangers’ 10 games in the past 18 days :

The goaltending issue can be distilled to this: Will Kevin Weekes ” undoubtedly set back by, a) not playing last year, and, b) suffering a groin injury two weeks ago ” be a constructive presence as the clear-cut No. 1 Henrik Lundqvist’s understudy, or will the veteran chafe at the role reversal?

* It’s not that Tom Renney didn’t like Tom Poti’s game on the Island Thursday, it’s that the coach doesn’t like the finesse-oriented defenseman’s game much at all. Problem is, the Rangers have no one else back on “D” who can transport the puck up the ice or make any kind of a difference joining the rush. The idea that the team is going to be able to trade Poti, in for $2.356M this season, is silly, given that the Blueshirts didn’t get so much as a nibble on him during the Deadline Purge of ’03.

* Maybe our eyes are deceiving us, but Fedor Tyutin (above), whom everybody likes a lot (and with good reason), sure doesn’t seem to be playing with the same edge and intensity he displayed when he was up for the final 25 games of 2003-04. Rather, it appears as if the 22-year-old is on cruise control, and that’s not good.