Crapping on Larry Brown: it’s not just for CSTB comments posters not named Egg and passive-aggressive point guards anymore. In a lengthy piece at, Total Basketball editor Kenneth Shouler spends nearly 1,400 words burying Larry Brown. It’s basically a well-sourced variation on one of the three articles that have been written dozens of different times during the Knicks nightmare season — with the focus here on Brown’s arrogance and intransigence, instead of Isiah’s poor decisions or the team’s miserable performance. For example, you’ve probably read something like this regarding the very public, very embarrassing ongoing Brown/Marbury domestic disturbance:

“Never in all my years have I seen a coach run down his best player in the press like Brown,” one veteran NBA writer said.

“I covered him for six years in Philadelphia and he did it all the time,” said another, unsurprised at his antics this year.

But anonymous writers will talk. When the best-loved public face, sideburns and voice of the Knicks franchise is speaking out, that’s news. Or…I don’t know, make up your own mind:

I asked (Walt “Clyde”) Frazier (above) more specifically about Brown’s contention that Marbury is the problem.”Stephon is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t [according to Brown],” said Frazier. “If he scores, he’s selfish. If he doesn’t, he’s not playing up to his potential.

“They have to get along,” Frazier said. “Marbury wants to win. He came up to me on the plane and pointed to my [1973 championship] ring and said, ‘I want what you have.’ Besides, the guy has skills; he can get to the basket against anyone.”