The LA Times’ Tim Brown writes that new LA GM Ned Colletti might be ready to give Jim Fregosi yet another shot at managing.

A baseball club, that is. If you want to manage a Yoshinoya, you need real qualifications.

Colletti said his roster of preferred managers holds up to eight names. And while he declined to make public their identities, it is believed that Jim Fregosi, who managed four major league teams, including the Angels from 1978 to ’81 and the Philadelphia Phillies to the 1993 National League pennant, is chief among them.

Colletti and Fregosi (above) have a close relationship, formed in part during their time in the front office of the San Francisco Giants, where Colletti was assistant general manager and, for two years, Fregosi was a special assistant to General Manager Brian Sabean.

It is unknown if Colletti has sought permission to speak to Fregosi from the Atlanta Braves, for whom Fregosi is employed as a special assistant to General Manager John Schuerholz. Schuerholz did not immediately return a phone call Wednesday night, though consent, should Colletti call, is expected to be a formality. Fregosi, 63, has one year left on his contract with the Braves.

“I’m definitely interested,” Fregosi said Wednesday. “I like Ned a lot. I thought he was well qualified for that job. And he did a hell of job in San Francisco.”

Indeed, no one in baseball, save for Brian Sabean, can take as much credit for assembling a very old team that finished 12 games under .500 last year.