Along with reporting that America’s foremost Buffalo Tom fan referred to WEEI as “angry white radio” Boston Sports Media’s Bruce Allen, while not exactly missing the station’s resident hate fucker, is still quizzical about Gerry Callahan.

With each week that goes by, Gerry Callahan’s absence becomes more and more curious. There’s no doubt Gerry sounded horrible in the weeks (months) leading up to this “break”, but WEEI’s actions in handling this have only raised questions about the future of the Dennis & Callahan show. By switching around their lineup with Dale Arnold doing this week with Dennis and Michael Holley doing next week (Who is next in line, Pete Sheppard?) the station appears to be trying to scramble and try combinations on the chance that Callahan doesn’t come back from this, either because his voice is permanently damaged, or he decides to move on when his contract is up in a few months. Could Entercom be thinking of moving him over to WRKO to try and spark ratings on that morning show?

What makes it even more curious is the fact that no one as the station is talking about it. You’d think a topic like this would be one ripe for plenty of jokes, and while there have been a few here and there, it’s been very tame, like no one wants to talk about it. When an edict is issued at WEEI not to talk about something, it is usually followed to the letter.

Newsday’s Neil Best claims Bob Costes has removed himself from consideration in the running to take Don Imus’ old WFAN morning slot.  Only another 300 candidates have to drop out before Scott Ferrell gets the gig.