Well, now you know for sure why I’m not employed by the New York Post (amongst other reasons).

Vern Schillinger lookalike Al Trautwig spoke with Charles Oakley (above) at halftime and asked the fashion plate if he minded the Knicks giving his old number 34 to Eddy Curry.

“Not when he puts the effort in,” replied Oak, and I think it’s fair to say there will be no complaints about Eddy’s work ethic this evening. The Knicks lead Milwauke, 95-78 after 3 quarters, and Curry has a career high 32 points to along with 8 rebounds and three blocks. The erratic Jamal Crawford (24 points on 10 of 15 shooting, 8 assists) has done a masterful job in getting Curry the ball under the basket. Quentin Richardson has harrassed Michael Redd to the tune of a quiet 6 for 18 night, and David Lee continues to emerge as a solid rebounding presence (10 boards in 28 minutes).

To illustrate just how comfortably Isiah Thomas thinks the Knicks are ahead, Jerome James is on the floor for the start of the 4th quarter.

(UPDATE : after an 10-2 run for Milwaukee, the Bucks have cut the lead to 97-88 with 8:19 left. Charlie Villenueva is trying to take over the game…and sadly, so is Nate Robinson. Stephon Marbury an Andrew Bogut boot to the wrist and he’s done for the night, leaving N8 The Not So Gr8 to weave his particular brand of ball hoggery)

There’s about 8 minutes left tonight over at Rip Off The Poor Quicken Loans Arena, and you can pretty much call it Super Extended Garbage Time. The Cavs have a 94-65 lead over the Pacers, and Al Harrington and Jamal Tinsley have combined to shoot a less than scintilliating 4 for 22 from the field.

Had Philly allowed trade bait A.I. to risk injury and further poison the atmosphere in Orlando, it’s a fair bet the Sixers would’ve won the game. DNP – Owner’s Decision. Dwight Howard (28 points, 12 rebounds) turned 21 yesterday. He’s finally old enough to see live music in one of the worst cities in America to do so.