MLB is providing it’s own boss, Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, a much needed platform from which to pronounce himself a massive success, since no one else has had the courtesy to do it. Seen here, Selig declares his reign “the golden age of baseball … by any standard.” And Selig makes that standard clear “ attendance is up. Nevermind the utterly devalued quality of the product his reign produced: a Federally indicted, despised home run king (whose record breaking night Selig skipped), the smashed credibility of the best pitcher of the era and current subject of an FBI investigation, at least three Congressional hearings, years of ignoring steroids as an owner/commissioner before blaming the players in The Mitchell Report, the collapse of the Expos, allowing Pete Rose Way to exist (not to mention the ESPN production of HUSTLE), and Joe Buck’s continued employment — Selig plans to retire as the biggest success in baseball history, because he says he is.