From the Daily Southtown’s Joe Cowley.

Mark Buehrle is willing to sit down with any Cubs player or coach who had a problem with what he said last week.

As of Friday, there were no takers.

“If there’s anybody on that team that wants to talk to me about it, I’m open,” the White Sox pitcher said. “Whenever and wherever.”

Buehrle made headlines last week during a radio interview in which he was asked about pitchers who cheat. Buehrle said there’s a belief a certain pitcher from the “North Side” was doctoring the ball in some fashion.

“I don’t know personally, but I’m just saying from years of experience that he’s had success that he very well may be using something,” Buehrle said during the interview.

It was believed Buehrle was talking about Cubs veteran Greg Maddux ” something Buehrle has since said wasn’t necessarily true. When Maddux was asked about it, he told reporters, “It wasn’t me. Who’s Mark Buehrle?”

“That’s fine if he doesn’t know who I am,” Buehrle said. “I like the fact that no one knows who I am.”

If Maddux (pitching today vs. the White Sox’ Jose Contreras) really doesn’t know who Buehrle is, he could always check out this year’s All-Star Game.