How appropriate that in this, the year of Deep Throat’s emergence and Jeff Van Gundy’s censure, the current and former players of Major League Baseball are leading the charge in squealing on each other. And while Mark Buehrle’s accusations below aren’t nearly as sensational as saying another player mainlined ‘roids or refused to sign for white people, one has to wonder where the ratting each other out is gonna end.

From the Chicago Sun-Times’ Roman Modrowski.

White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle said Thursday that one of the Cubs’ pitchers cheats — perhaps by using an illegal substance — during an interview on WSCR-AM (670).

The subject came up during a discussion of Los Angeles Angels reliever Brendan Donnelly, who was caught with pine tar in his mitt.

”I don’t want to get too many people in trouble, but I think there are a lot of people who may use something out of the ordinary, even if it’s a spitball,” Buehrle said.

”You see a lot of guys licking their fingers off the mound, which is legal, but when they act like they wipe it on their pants, they’re really not wiping it on their pants, they leave their fingers with a little bit of spit to make the ball move a lot. Some of the guys you see out there making the ball move two-three feet, I’d want to check into those guys.”

When asked to name names, Buehrle said: ”I can’t get myself in trouble because he’s on the North Side. I don’t know personally, but I’m just saying from years of experience that he’s had success that he very well may be using something.”

“Years of experience that he’s had success”, eh? At least Joe Borowski is no longer under suspicion.