“Madonna’s cue boy?” wonders Sam Frank, supplier of the below item from the Associated Press :

Germany has its first case of doping in billiards. The national champion Axel Buescher tested positive for an EPO masking agent, the German Billiard Union said. Buescher™s positive test came at November™s German championships, where he captured the carom billiards title, the union said. Buescher said the masking agent was in prescription medicine he failed to have approved. The union suspended Buescher for one year and stripped him of his title after he passed on his right to have the B sample tested.

In a completely unrelated story, your not at all TMZ-ish editor witnessed Lance Armstrong playing pool at venerable UT hangout The Hole In The Wall two Wednesdays ago. Whether or not the 7 time Tour De France winner is aware the HITW stage is often occupied by an Austin band known as Landis Armstrong & The Guilty Pleasures, I cannot say for certain.