Proving you can never have too many former Bulls in your lineup, Donnie Walsh’s first (semi)-marquee free agent signing is Chris Duhon, the Dookie supposedly having been promised the Knicks’ starting point guard gig next autumn.

Said acquisition would seem to grease the skids for the release of Stephon Marbury, with the NY Times’ Howard Beck claiming “in their brief time with the franchise, Walsh and Mike D™Antoni have learned how incredibly unpopular Marbury is with his teammates.”  Keep in mind, Walsh supposedly was unaware of just how unpopular Isiah Thomas was with Knicks fans until he’d had a few weeks on the job. How can this sort of thing be considered common knowledge around the league to nearly everyone but the club’s GM?  I look foward to a story next October in which Walsh reveals he’s just learned Jerome James actually weighs more than 300 pounds and Nate Robinson is allergic to passing.