Well, sort of (video link swiped from the Fanhouse)

Incredibly, that wasn’t even close to the most fantastic commentary surrounding last night’s Laker win over Milwaukee. You Been Blinded transcribes yet-another fantastic Jeff Van Gundy tangent, one that ESPN colleague Mike Breen failed to quash.

JVG: If I was Phil Jackson I would inject a dose of upper respiratory viral infection into my whole team tomorrow at practice. That would be practice.

MB: In case you™re just tuning in and you don™t know what this sick man is talking about.. Bryant not feeling well, before the game, and that™s what he has, but it certainly hasn™t affected him, 37 points 7 assist 5 rebounds.

>JVG: Can you do that? Can you inject somebody with a serum of upper respiratory viral infection?

MB: I believe that™s illegal.

JVG: Isn™t that what Clemens said he did?

MB: (subtly laughing) You™re going down a dangerous path. I™ll ask you to reconsider during this timeout.