As you’ve probably heard by now, Carlos Beltran and Mike Cameron’s faces came together in a not-so-affectionate way earlier today in San Diego, the latter suffering severe injuries that might’ve ended his season.

New Yorker David Roth describes the radio call thusly :

Beltran and Cameron ran into each other hard enough to occasion a stretcher for Cameron and a Howie Rose intonation to the effect that “our thoughts and prayers are with them.” When those two were replaced in center and right by Chris Woodward and Marlon Anderson, respectively, my thoughts and prayers were “What if they hit it to the outfield?” and “Please God do not hit it to the outfield.” Victor Diaz is presumably on a plane right now — hopefully to play first base (which this guy says he’s doing pretty well)

Ron Calloway, Eric Valent, Prentice Redman and Lastings Milledge should be on high alert. And Jeff Duncan got released. Bedlam.

With New York’s 2-1 loss and Andy Pettitte’s win over the Nationals, the Mets fall to 4 games behind the NL Wild Card leaders.