Despite an earlier pledge that he’d be ok with a move to right-field were the Mets to sign Carlos Beltran, CF Mike Cameron wants to be traded. Of course, with Cameron owed $14 million over the next two seasons and coming off a year in which he struck out 143 times and his highly touted defensive skills sometimes resembled those of Juan Samuel (the misplaced outfielder, not the second baseman) rather than Willie Mays, New York’s leverage is not what it oughta be. And then there’s the cartiliage damage in Cameron’s left wrist (the injury that had to wait until January for repair). Let’s review Mike’s comments to the NY Post’s Mark Hale from last November one more time, shall we?

œIf Beltran will come here, I™ll move to right field, Cameron told The Post in a phone interview. Cameron said he told this to Omar Minaya, Jim Duquette and Jeff Wilpon in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. He noted they did not ask him to move. Rather, he volunteered, even though he loves to play center and may But all Cameron wants to do is win, and he knows Beltran can help.

œThat™s what I™m willing to do, he said. œI™m willing to take that risk, moving to right field, having a chance to win and see what it™s like to win in New York and see if we can get this thing turned around.