For a change, I’ve got to put partisan politics aside. Philadelphia’s NLCS clinching 5-1 victory over the Dodgers Wednesday night — aided in no small part by 3 errors by the ailing Rafael Furcal — puts the Phillies in the World Series for the first time since a bulky Lenny Dykstra and a far-too-wild Wild Thing were undone by Joe Carter.   Wing Bowl/Tasty Cakes/Circle Of Shit jibes aside, the people of Philly deserve to experience the joy of a major title in their lifetime.  Of course, they’ve got a recent Arena Bowl championship to fall back on, so I’ll probably root for whoever emerges from the American League.

In all seriousness, it’s hard not to feel for Charlie Manuel, reaching the peak of his managerial career the same week he’ll be burying his mom.  It’s also hard to fathom how Matt Stairs has been a bigger factor this week than David Ortiz, but either way, the Phillies deserve tremendous praise for the team Ed Wade assembled / Pat Gillick’s taken credit for.  While Cole Hamels has been nothing if not Steve Carlton-esque versus Los Angeles, the career resurrection of Brad Lidge has much to do with why this year’s team is far tougher to beat than the ’07 edition.

The Carlos Beltran Take-The-Bat-Off-Your-Shoulder Award of the current post-season goes to Lt. Dangle, possibly the only man in the building surprised at being KO’d by Hamels with two on and two out in the home 7th.

There’s been a lot of chatter tonight about the irritability / general creepiness of John McCain, but I’ll give the Senator from Arizona this much ; he shows greater patience with Barack Obama than Buck Showalter can manage with Sir Kruk.