From the AP :

A lawyer who has sued Don King several times — and cost him millions of dollars — has gone to work for the boxing promoter.

The lawyer, Judd Burstein, once vilified King as a cancer on the sport but has now come to praise him as “extremely honorable.”

As for King (above), he’s also come around: He once called Burstein an “insidious insect” but now describes him as tenacious, hardworking and energetic.

“I respect his talent,” King said. “He’s on our side now.”

Burstein had a string of successes against King in seven cases he brought between 1997 and 2004, including a $7.5 million settlement from him on behalf of boxer Terry Norris.

The 52-year-old Burstein said he called reporters afterward and told them: “Don King was a cancer on the sport and the settlement was a dose of chemotherapy.”