Well, no. Of course not. But in a stretch far bigger than any in his current journalism career, Seattle Weekly’s Duff McKagen, he of stints with Velvet Revolver, the Fastbacks, the Fartz and some ’90’s LA band I can’t quite remember the name of, takes to ESPN.com to insist if NY Giants QB Eli Manning fronted a band, “he’d be the type that would be doing just strictly studio work” (“there would be no way that an always-image-conscious audience would back a singer as ungainly on stage as Manning telegraphs to us all from the field”)

He is what punk rock was to mainstream rock in the ’70s. What “grunge” was to hair-metal in the ’90s. What old-school country is to modern country music. A punch in the gut.

No makeup and no offstage gimmickry. No B.S. and no frills. Just results and elation.