Hey, at least they didn’t opt for No Trend Egoslavia! The Washingtonian’s Benjamin Freed reports Chuck Brown’s 1979 Go-Go classic “Bustin’ Out” has been replaced as post HR celebratory music at Nationals Park by “Bang Bang,” the timeless collaboration between Jessie J., Ariana Grande and Niki Minaj, and sadly, the team has refuse to explain their actions.

If the Nationals are trying to restrain their DC exceptionalism, “Bustin’ Loose” never sounded like self-limiting celebration music. It is unquestionably one of the most recognizable tracks in the history of the go-go genre. The song, which Brown and his Soul Searchers released in 1979, topped Billboard’s R&B chart for nearly a month and peaked at No. 34 on the mainstream Hot 100 chart. And even if go-go does not have much renown beyond Washington, “Bustin’ Loose” got a bit of contemporary attention when Nelly sampled it for the hooks in his 2002 hit “Hot in Herre.”

Whatever the reason behind the dismissal of “Bustin’ Loose,” the Nationals may have a tough time turning “Bang Bang” into a fan favorite. While Brown’s song was loud even over the din of high-fiving crowds after a Nationals four-bagger thanks to its soaring horn section, “Bang Bang” is barely audible, with only a few thumps of its bass line washing over the stadium during last Friday’s game, which featured home runs by Harper and Danny Espinosa.

“I’m so accustomed to hearing [“Bustin’ Loose”] that when it didn’t show up, I was like, ‘Huh?’” says NPR’s Susan Vavrick. “It’s got a good hook to it. People react to it. You’re on your feet, you’re standing, you’re clapping. It makes you want to dance. You certainly don’t want to with this Bang Bang song.”