Boston’s Nathan Horton was struck in the forehead by the stick of Washington’s Matt Hendricks midway thru yesterday’s 4-1 Bruins victory, an incident that seemed to escape the short-term memory of Hendricks’ teammate, Karl Anzar.  From’s Mike Petraglia :

“That’s the biggest joke I’ve ever seen in my life, the fact that they let those guys corner a guy like that. For all they know, Henny has a broken hand and can’t fight. If we had done that to [Tyler] Seguin with [John] Erskine, you think they would’ve let that happen? Questionable, very questionable.”

Can the Capitals do anything to respond?

“Go after one of their guys, guess that the only thing you can do,” Alzner said. “But we’re probably not going to do that because we’re not that kind of team but that’s the only thing you can do.”