The next time I request media credentials from the Round Rock Express (and truthfully, the only time I’d do so is if straits became so dire, I couldn’t cough up the $6 to get in the building) I shall be sure to quote from the following missive from Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis.

Of course press rooms and player access should be made available to bloggers! Bloggers are passionate fans. They are very knowledgeable and have a growing audience. They bottle up interactivity and they know how to utilize the new medium. Bloggers are showing up higher and higher in search engines and on search results pages. They point back and forth to one another. They dive deep into subjects and are very capable of building next generation businesses. They are a medium and they are helping to build a new one that is fast growing instead of shrinking. They are journalists who are self policed. If they do bad work, they won’t be pointed to by other bloggers and they will fall out of the search engine results pages. The NHL needs all of the coverage and audience we can generate.

Well, Ted’s right about the self-policing. And he’s also spot on about bloggers delving deep into subjects. In short, when he’s not beating up paying customers, he seems like a terrific guy.