Via Repoz‘ careful scan of Bart Hubbach’s Twitter feed, former Mets reliever / inexplicable ownership fave Johnny B Badd told Sirius XM listeners the bus-riding Amazingly Disableds are “missing something”.  A pitcher wearing a hideously oversized “C” on his jersey, hockey-style perhaps?

Franco refused to accept that injuries — the Mets have nine players on the DL — are totally responsible for the club’s slide into third place in the NL East.

“I don’t know what it is the last couple of years. Watching them almost every day, there’s no leadership there. Nobody wants to step forward and be a leader. Something is missing, and it’s hard to put your finger on it.

“They got some great, talented players — [Jose] Reyes and [David] Wright and [Carlos] Beltran, now [Johan] Santana’s there — but I just can’t put my finger on it. It seems like, to me, they’re not having fun, even when they were winning.

“Playing in New York, the pressure cooker here, so I’m sure there’s a lot of pressure on them, but they need to relax a little bit and look like they’re having fun. It kind of looks like they’re not having fun and everybody’s on their own page.”

“once the game starts, I think they have maybe too much individuality, where guys are worried about their own stats instead of worrying about getting the guy over, not stealing third base with two outs, which is really meaningless.”

Former big-league manager Kevin Kennedy, one of the show’s hosts, told Franco that he thought the Mets were more a collection of individuals and not a team. Franco did not disagree.

“And if they don’t win, guys pack their bags and they go home for winter and they say, ‘OK, I get my paycheck and that’s it,”’ Franco said. “So something’s not right there, and hopefully they’ll get it right soon because otherwise it’s going to be a long summer.”

Two of the four “great players” Franco cited are out of the lineup, and a third only factors every five days. While David Wright told Hubbach that Franco “doesn’t know what’s going on in this clubhouse”, the portions quoted reveal a washed-up loudmouth who has even less idea what’s happening on the field. Of course, if the Mets had the benefit of an inspirational guy like Captain Fucko, the likes of Nick Evans, Fernando Martinez and Argenis Reyes would magically transform into savvy veterans. But at least we’ve finally figured out what’s really wrong with the team — Jeremy Reed is only concerned about his own numbers!

Despite whiffing 12 times against Milwaukee starter Yovani Gallardo earlier today, the Mets ended a four game skid with a 1-0 defeat of the Brewers. If Brian Schnieder, F-Mart and Daniel Murphy going a combined 0 for 10 isn’t a sign of team unity, I don’t know what is.