Though not as spectacular as say, Derrick Coleman’s attempts to downsize, it sounds like the clearance sale at the John Franco Estate (Staten Island, NY) is yielding bargains galore.  If you didn’t get there early, however, you’ve no chance of finding a original copy of  Chain Of Strength’s ‘True Til Death’   From the Staten Island Advance’s Tracy Porpora :

Merchandise — everything from Mets memorabilia and video arcade machines to 19th-century oil paintings and a Harley-Davidson Roadster — drew antiques collectors and sports enthusiasts by the dozens yesterday.

The motorcycle, a custom job presented to Franco by his teammates in recognition of his 400th save — it’s engraved with “400” — fetched $7,000, said Wendy King, president of EstatesNY, who orchestrated the sale.

Items for sale included a set of four 18th-century neoclassical sconces ($6,000), a pay phone from the 1970s, Ralph Lauren sleigh and four-poster bedroom furniture, pool table with custom inlay, antique-production Duncan Phyfe dining room set, Baldwin ebony baby grand piano, Swarovski crystal, porcelain urns and figurines, and much more.

Gina Biancardi, founder and president of Casa Belvedere on Grymes Hill, purchased sconces and two antique chandeliers ($5,550 for the pair) for her museum. In addition, she bought two display cases that will house some of Franco’s sports memorabilia at Casa Belvedere.

“These items are an important part of Staten Island history. John Franco is a prominent Italian-American who has lived on Staten Island, and his items will now have a permanent home in the borough’s premier Italian cultural institution,” said Ms. Biancardi.