(the members of S.O.D could’ve serenaded Boogie Shoes and his date with their classic, “Speak English Or Die”, but a) Scotty’s a Yankee fan and b) Lo Duca’s date wasn’t old enough to get in)

Given the Mets have won 4 of their last 5 games, now seems like a curious time to be addressing what the Daily News’ Peter Botte calls “their June swoon”, but Flushing’s masters of creating turmoil out of thin air seem to be in the thick of it yet again.

Admitting he was “in a bad mood all day,” Paul Lo Duca announced in a near-empty clubhouse last night – and on the eve of the Mets’ key NL East showdown with the Phillies – that some of his Spanish-speaking teammates need to be held more accountable by the media.

“I’ll do this (interview), but you need to start talking to other players,” Lo Duca announced loudly after he was approached by a radio reporter after the Mets-Cardinals series finale was washed out by rain. “It’s the same three or four people every day. Nobody else wants to talk. Some of these guys have to start talking. They speak English, believe me.”

“Listen up, everybody,” LoDuca had shouted. “Stop asking me when I’m going to drop my suspension (appeal). When are you guys going to drop it? I’m tired of talking about it. Go ask Tony (Bernazard) or Willie (Randolph). God almighty, it’s like the president got killed.”

Billy Wagner couldn’t resist the obvious follow-up query, deadpanning to Lo Duca, “So, when are you going to drop it?”

Lo Duca’s marital problems, gambling habits and personal life were publicly scrutinized throughout last season. He snapped at a reporter two months ago when he was asked about a photograph of himself and a woman in the winner’s circle at Aqueduct. Asked for the woman’s name, Lo Duca erupted, “That’s my life. That’s my personal life. That’s none of your business. How would you like it if I went to your house and took pictures of your wife?”

The Mets are currently leading the Phillies, 6-2 in the 7th inning at CBP behind HR’s from Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado (along with RBI’s from Ramon Castro and El Duque).  Hopefully the lot of them can hold a lengthy postgame press conference to take some of the spokesmodel pressure off Paulie Large Nuts.