Despite his diminished skills, 2B Roberto Alomar —- a probable Hall Of Famer assuming you can erase his Mets tenure from your memory — continues to find someone willing to employ him. Albiet at a fraction of the salary he once earned.

The NY Post’s Joel Sherman is reporting that when and if the Randy Johnson/Javier Vazquez deal is completed, the Diamondbacks might attempt to trade Vazquez to Baltimore in exchange for some combination of pitchers Erik Bedard, Jorge Julio and outfielders Jay Gibbons and Luis Matos. Given Baltimore’s desperation for frontline pitching, the way they were rebuffed by all of the big name free agent hurlers and the unlikelihood that Arizona want any part of Vazquez’ contract, this seems plausible.

No further word on whether or not Sidney Ponson’s drunken escapades with and without a Jet Ski will give the Orioles just cause to void his contract, but you can bet they’ve considered it.