Congratulations, Austin Police Deparment! Not only are you doing an awesome job thoroughly ignoring 8th thru 11th Streets just west of Red River most nights of the week (next to live music, independent car parking trolls are the Capitol’s fastest growing industry) but you successfully provided a pretext to which Bears GM Jerry Angelo could part ways with underachieving former Longhorn RB Cedric Benson.  In addition to being cleared of all charges by a Travis County Grand Jury yesterday, the Stateman’s Suzanne Halliburton reports our Cedric will once again be cruising the Warehouse District.

Cedric Benson™s car no longer has an ignition lock breath alcohol tester on his steering wheel.

Sam Bassett, Benson™s lawyer, said Judge Elisabeth Earle signed the order Friday to remove the device. Earle had ordered the device to be added to Benson™s car back in June as a condition of his bail on three alcohol-related charges.

Aside from my wondering when Kirk Bohls might offer Benson an apology, might there be anyone in the Rams front office with the presence of mind to send Marc Bulger on an all-expenses-paid sojurn to Austin’s 6th Street cavalcade of douchebag emporiums entertainment establishments? As Benson’s case illustrates, there’s all sorts of ways of managing the salary cap.