On the fateful day Dino Costa (above) was shitcanned from Sirius/XM last October —less than a month after being demoted from the satellite broadcaster’s Mad Dog Radio channel to the little-heard Sports Zone —-  the Yonkers Cowboy reached out to yours truly and offered to answer questions concerning his dismissal.  Since it isn’t every day that we get to interview oft-traveled, self-obsessed radio hosts who consider WorldNetDaily a viable news source, I sent Mr. Costa a series of not-jokey-at-all inquiries about the nature of his exit.

Despite promising he’d reply in a few days, I’ve yet to hear from him since.  It’s a shame, given that he would’ve had the opportunity to provide much more of his side of the story (Sirius/XM aren’t talking) than he was afforded by the likes of Ed Sherman or Bob Raissman, but that’s Dino’s call.  He’s not obliged to submit to an interview — even one that he volunteered for.

Still, there might be a handful of you curious what the self-appointed savior of sports radio has been up to since getting fired. There’s been the requisite multiple changes in twitter accounts/handles, a website shut down due to non-payment of a server bill, disparaging remarks aimed at the unfortunate sap who’s been filming a Dino documentary, a succession of YouTube videos shot from driver’s seat of Dino’s truck (including one while he’s speeding down a Wyoming highway), and of course, the sort of pithy social commentary you’ve come to expect.

On Thursday, Costa tweeted to former Vikings P / homophobia whistle-blower Chris Kluwe, “Dude can you please go and do something else? Nobody gives a shit about your whining…you’re old news, go feed some pigeons.”  Following this with the claim, “I’m  fed up with the gay agenda being forced down my throat,” Costa went on to write, “Kluwe is a piece of dung…I’d like the opportunity to kick his pansy ass.”   You’d have to figure a 33 year old, highly conditioned professional athlete (OK, a jobless punter) is paralyzed with fear after being threatened by a middle aged blowhard whose style/fitness guru would appear to be late-period Jim Belushi.

If Dino’s brand of remote cyberbullying isn’t providing enough entertainment, keep in mind he’s promising a $100 subscription podcast-website-fanclub scheme, with an as-yet unnamed Boston-area benefactor providing the start-up funds. (yeah, I know, wouldn’t it be awesome if it turned out to be Curt Schilling).  In the battle against leftist media creeps and their steadfast support for the homosexualist agenda, not everyone can be a general.   The fight requires foot soldiers, too, and with that in mind, you might want to apply for the cushy position described after the jump :

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