…and not the “Victory” tour, being-hassled-by-Dave Marsh Jacksons, either, I’d imagine. The LA Times’ Bill Plaschke talks with Sam I’m Not (Playing Anymore) in the wake of the Clips being blown out in Phoenix.

Hopes were higher because, after 21 years of papering Los Angeles with losses ” only one winning season during that time ” these Clippers were different.

They were better than the Lakers during the regular season.

They were better than their first-round Denver Nuggets opponent.

And, face it, they were mostly better than the Suns in this series.

They had one game stolen from them when Cassell was benched for most of the fourth quarter. They lost another game despite leading by three points with 3.6 seconds remaining.

This final one wasn’t close. But this series was every bit of seven games close.

And now ¦

“We cannot be a one-shot wonder,” Cassell said. “We cannot be Milli Vanilli. We have to be the Jacksons.”

Mike Monroe, formerly of Hanoi Rocks and more recently of the San Antonio Express News, reports the Spurs’ Nick Van Exel has played his last NBA game.

The New York Daily News’ Frank Isola describes Lame Duck Larry Brown’s Monday afternoon conducting predraft workouts for the Knicks as “absurd, confusing and somewhat sad. Even for the Knicks, the scene was particularly bizarre.” Not necessarily any worse than the regular season, though?

They did a great job of hiding whatever thing is going on,” said North Carolina forward David Noel, who was the star of the day, both during and after the workout. “So for the most part, we just went out there and worked out and they did a great job of working us out.”

Brown ran the workouts, barking instructions at the four NBA hopefuls. Brown had an instant connection with Noel – the Carolina fraternity – and Noel reported that Brown was upbeat and moved well for a 65-year-old man who had bladder surgery 10 days earlier.