From the CBC :

Court documents obtained by CBC News contend that Todd Bertuzzi’s infamous sucker-punch of Steve Moore came after former Vancouver Canucks head coach Marc Crawford pointed at a dressing room board and said “he must pay the price.”

Bertuzzi was an all-star forward for the Canucks when he hit Moore from behind 8:41 into the third period of a 9-2 loss to the Colorado Avalanche on March 8, 2004.

Moore suffered three broken vertebrae in his neck and a concussion, has not played since, and is suing Bertuzzi for upward of $38 million.

Bertuzzi was asked 1,300 questions under oath, and, according to a proposed amended statement of claim filed on Moore’s behalf in an Ontario court, Bertuzzi stated at his discovery that Crawford pointed to Moore’s name and sweater number on a board in the Canucks dressing room and told his players, “He [Moore] must pay the price.”

Crawford’s alleged comment was also confirmed in sworn testimony from Canucks general manager Dave Nonis, the statement said.