On the scale of relative broadcasting competency, just-fired Sky Sports soccer analyst Andy Gray doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as former MASN mouthpiece Rob Dibble, but when it comes to indefensible sexist remarks heard far and wide, the two have more in common than just unemployment.  Following a widely circulated recording of Gray and co-presenter Richard Keys dissing EPL assistant referee Sian Massey, Gray was hung out to dry by his employers with the above clip including additional remarks about Massey prior to the telecast. While the Sky News reporter, Andy Burton, has been suspended, Gray was fired this afternoon after a third offending clip surfaced, this time showing Gray performing a Sean Salisbury impersonation in the direction of colleague Charlotte Jackson. Angered by Gray’s termination, The Telegraph’s Brendan O’Neil argues the analyst is “a victim of thought-policing, pure and simple, carried out by a huge corporation that is being cheered on by apparently liberal hacks and a Twitterati who love nothing more than seeing someone who has a different outlook on life to them “ how dare he! “ being dragged across the coals of public humiliation.”

I have to admit, I’m slightly fascinated by O’Neil’s take on this. If whipping one’s dick out in the workplace is an some sort of political act, perhaps the Telegraph columnist call tell us who was the greater martyr, Dov Charney or David Cone?