I must confess, my late start today is mostly down to an abortive attempt at stoking the OSU/Texas fires with some sort of lame attempt at comparing Columbus and Austin’s most outstanding cultural exponents (the Hickoids vs. the Naked Skinnies, Tim Stegall vs. TKA).

Maybe I’ll try again the next time the Buckeyes come to town.

Some furious flipping earliy in the day revealed no shortage of tomato can crushers. The Fightin’ Leitches of Illinois took one on the chin (and a few in the nuts, really), as Rutgers delivered the beatdown, 33-0. There are some legitimate businessmen in New Jersey who’d like you to consider Ray Rice (above) on your Heisman ballot.

I’ll go out on a limb here — unless tonight’s game in Austin is the target of a terrorist attack (and maybe even then), West Virginia are going to move up from no. 6 next week.

Zac Taylor and Bill Callahan sure look like geniuses when they’re facing a powerhouse like Nicholls State.

I know Louisville was only facing Temple, but 9 different carriers combined for 315 yards on the ground in this afternoon’s 62-0 demoltion. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Michael Bush probably could’ve gained 100 on one leg.

Since I couldn’t find the conclusion of Miami (OH)/Purdue nor Akron/NC State on the satellite, I had to settle for the exciting finish of Duke/Wake Forest. Chip Vaughn blocked a 27 yard FG attempt by the Blue Devils with seconds remaining, preserving a 14-13 win for Wake. Had they taken my advice and just pounded the ball inside to Tim Duncan all day, I don’t think it would’ve been nearly as close.

Kent State and Army are tied at 14 with seconds left in the 4th quarter. Neil Young has Army minus 4.

Note to all Catholic readers of CSTB : BC is trailing Clemson, 10-0, while Notre Dame leads Penn State by an identical scoreline. Also, if you’re Canadian, Catholic and hold public office, the Pope would like you to advise your gay consituents to stop marrying each other. Thank you.