Was the CSKA side that beat Arsenal living a charmed life….or have Porto (no goals in their first 2 group matches, 9 in the following 3) caught fire at the right time? I’ll opt for the latter, whilst preparing a steaming bowl of gruel in anticipation of Hamburg’s trip to the Emirates Stadium, kicking off in just a few minutes.

(UPDATE : Arsenal 3, Hamburg 1 Those new Nike commercials with Little Penny telling jokes about going to school with Theo Walcott are really annoying).

Noted rocket scientist Liam Gallagher is on record expressing his dislike for Michael Owen (link courtesy The Offside), which surprising considering they have a bit in common (short dudes whose best days are way behind them, etc.)

Charmless Crystal Palace chairman, Simon Jordan (above) continues his vendetta against former employee / recently sacked Charlton gaffer Iain Dowie in today’s Sun :

“Whether you believe it was those gutless t**ts at Charlton who fired Iain just because they couldn’t get on with him, or it was player power… I think it was a combination of both.

“Iain thinks he knows everything but the one thing he doesn’t know is how to manage big Premiership players.”

Charlton chief executive Peter Varney claimed that one of the reasons Dowie flopped was the amount of work generated by Jordan’s law suit.

But Jordan said: “The huge amount of paperwork being generated is because of them. Their lawyers sent me a document asking me to answer 350 f*****g questions.”