AC Milan 3, Olympiakos 1 (agg. 3-1)

Izaghi’s tap-in off an Andrei Shevchenko shot that bit the woodwork provided AC Milan with the late winner ; of Serie A’s 3 remaining clubs in this competition, at least one has punched their ticket to the final four.

(UPDATE : Inter are O-U-T, 1-0 losers away to Villareal).

I’ve watched the replay of Izaghi’s goal about a half-dozen times and I still can’t fathom how Shevchenko was left in the box, unmarked. This wasn’t the craziest hail-mary pass completion of all-time, but I’m sending Shevchenko and his lovely wife my very last box of Flutie Flakes by way of congratulations just the same.