With last weekend’s SXSW lunacy, I’m sorry to say my opportunities to sink up an adequate amount of NCAA tournament coverage were limited.  And as such, I totally missed out on the following TNT exchange between analyst Charles Barkley and Louisville head coach Rick Pitino (above), as recounted by the Birmingham News’ Charles Hollis, who gushes that Chuck, “held his own Big East roast, and made Pitino look stupid in the process.”

“I think the Big East is the most overrated conference in the world,” Barkley said. “People were complaining about VCU, Georgia and (other) teams getting in, (but) the Big East should have never gotten 11 teams in.”

Pitino, whose Big East Cardinals were upset by Morehead State in the first round, took exception, of course. This only made the show even better.

Pitino pointed to the Cinderella story of Marquette, which beat Syracuse to reach the Sweet 16.

“That tells you Syracuse wasn’t that good,” Barkley said. “That’s my point … and after Notre Dame loses (Sunday night), it’s just going to be another feather in my cap.”

Pitino begged to differ. “Well, I’m gonna tell you, Notre Dame will not lose tonight.”

Notre Dame lost to 10th-seeded Florida State by 14 points, leaving the Big East with only UConn and Marquette still alive.