The following bit of news from the Cincinnati Enquirer’s John Eradi is either the worst thing to happen to the performing arts since the casting of Matthew Modine and Paul Reiser in “Bye Bye Love”, or the biggest diss to date experienced by Tom Sizemore.

Pete Rose hits the live stage Friday night at Belterra Casino Resort in what is basically a one-man show billed in various places on the internet as “An Evening With Pete Rose,” or “4,192 — The Making of the Hit King.”

“It’s me telling stories about how I got started playing ball, the impact my father had on me as an athlete, signing with the Reds and right on through the breaking of the (all-time) hit record,” Rose said Tuesday in a telephone interview.

There will be graphics on a big screen, questions from an on-stage interviewer to maintain the storyline of river rat Pete growing up near Anderson Ferry all the way through breaking Ty Cobb’s hit record on Sept. 11, 1985, and Rose’s forte, taking questions from the audience.

“That’s what keeps it fresh for me,” Rose said. “You never know what people are going to ask. Somebody will ask a question I haven’t heard before and it calls to mind a story and I’m off and running.”

Hardball Talk’s Craig Calcaterra suggests brave attendees ask Pete, “how it felt to kill Bart Giamatti”, and assuming you can make that inquiry without being escorted from the premises, you might also raise the subject of maiming another player during a meaningless exhibition game.