Presumably, Chris Chelios no longer has this album on his want list, either. The Red Wings D told WCSX FM’s JJ & Lynne that Def Leppard Joe Elliot had malicious intent when flipping the Stanley Cup upside-down in a widely circulated video clip from last week. From Friday’s Detroit Free Press :

“Someone should have drove that guy, he did that on purpose,” Cheli said Wednesday.

J.J.: “You think he did it on purpose?”

“No, we know he did … we talked to people at the show and the guy was being real rude to everybody,” Chelios said. “He was in a bad mood when they got there, so for whatever reason he didn’t want to be there. And that’s his way of showing it and taking it out on the NHL. …

“Darren McCarty didn’t really get a chance to see it, I guess he was going off the stage when it happened. And you know, (Kyle) Quincey was the only one that said he would have done something to him.”

Lynne: “Do you think Quincey would have really popped him?”

“No I don’t know if he would have popped him, but he could have gave him a good shove,” Cheli said.