Cold Hard Football Facts’ Kerry Bryne is already on record as calling for the firing of Belichick-bullying Ron Borges. And while the Boston Globe didn’t take Byrne nor Boston Sports Media’s Bruce Allen very seriously in the past, it should be interesting to see how they respond to the former’s latest bombshell.

Simply note the incredible similarities between his œFootball Notes column in the Boston Globe on Sunday, March 4, and this story written by Mike Sando and published in the News Tribune of Tacoma, Washington, on Feb. 25. The links were sent to us Sunday by a number of alert readers who, well, they had the same reaction you will. They were shocked.

We’ll call a spade a spade here: Borges apparently lifted great stretches of his column from a previously published report. The question now is if his editors at the Globe will once again go to bat for him after another ethically malignant tumor of a column.

(UPDATE : The Globe is “looking into” Byrne’s plagiarism claims.)

(UPDATE DOS : Borges has been suspended for two months, without pay. He’s also barred from making radio and TV appearances, so there’s one less person dropping hints about The Hooded Casanova’s zipper problems.)