“Derrick Rose is like Musika by KRS-One,” insists Slam’s Michael Tillery.  “One foot stompin™ in the past and the other kicking conventional thought like the Blast Master into the future. Imagine before the horns in the track go frantic that Derrick is gliding up the court about to go patented Mike but stops in the air to create something way different in reverse.” (link and video swiped from 700 Level).  Da Bulls rookie’s crossover move on Andre Miller is already the most You Toobed non-dunk clip in history (not counting Scott Pollard telling children to try crack), and with good reason.  It’s not quite the ballhandling version of Miller-as-Frederic Weis, but far closer than the Philly guard might prefer.

Sincere congrats to the Spurs Blake Ahern, who has earned the dubious honor of being called up to the NBA and reassigned to the bushes in the same week. Ahern, D-League Rookie Of The Year in 2007, was demoted to Austin yesterday and has 10 points in the first half of action tonight at the Convention Center, as Erie leads the Toros, 50-33.  Sometimes-Spur F Ian Mahinmi has sat this one out thus far, as missing all of Saturday’s victory over Tulsa.  Mahinimi seemed to aggravate a prexisting ankle injury during the opening moments of Friday’s loss to Utah.