Glad to find a forum to bash EA Sports though I wish I could meet with the CEO and punch him in his fucking face until he chokes on his own blood. EA sports has wasted both my time and money and is as sloppy and inconsistant and Courtney Love™s menstrual cycle. Fuck ea sports and fuck everyone involved with them. I will never buy another ea sports game for myslef or my family as long as I live. Overcomplicated bullshit. Thanks to whoever started this blog, I feel better now that I have expressed my hatred. EA Sports doesn™t have a feedback section anymore, I™m sure the got tired of wading through all the hate-filled info. I hope they all have to play their own games¦ computer cocksuckers know nothing about the reality of sports.,

Uncle Sam,

(surely our concerned reader couldn’t have a problem with EA Sports’ Arena Football title?)

Thanks, Sam. I can think of no better way of letting those computer cocksuckers have it than by posting an anonymous missive on a bulletin board or a blog’s comments section.