OK, I’ll admit my choice of headline is an inexcusable cheap shot at the expense of a likely Hall Of Famer (whom if he played in a Mets uniform, I’d somehow find something nice to say about his stupid haircut).   But to quote Hardball Talk’s Craig Calcaterra, “If you really did feed off of those guys you would have starved years ago.”  Indeed, long before this blog’s stone age inception, Atlanta’s relative indifference to the Braves has been analyzed, debated, defended, etc. to death. And Chipper picks one month before his exit to call the home venue a morgue?

Then again, it’s not entirely realistic to expect Jones to make his Sports On Earth debut with a column examining how the 2012 postseason might potentially include as many as 3 other teams (Tampa, Baltimore, Oakland) whose respective home attendances make Atlanta look like a box office smash by comparison.