Vikes punter Chris Kluwe generated a mere 800 You Tube views for the above slideshow, while his Deadspin open letter to Maryland state delegate / anti-Gay marriage zealot Emmett C. Burns Jr. (“do the civil-rights struggles of the past 200 years mean absolutely nothing to you?”) came closer to blowing up The Internet than anything a punter has ever done, on or off the field.   Profane Letters To Homophobic Politicos 1,  Innocuous Slideshows 0, I guess, and while both are as unartful as they are well-intended, perhaps the countdown has begun to the moment where satellite radio’s legend in his own mind Last Angry Man declares that Kluwe is either simply trying to look cool or is deeply insincere if he doesn’t have a cock in his mouth.

Which, y’know, is ridiculous either way.  Congrats to Kluwe for having the guts to put a target on his back, and who knows?  Maybe someday an actual football player from Minnesota will do the same thing!

(ADDENDUM  : Charles Star points out Cleveland LB Scott Fujita has previously lent his name to the fight for marriage equality).