Earlier this week, Sirius/XM announced they’d be removing Bruce Murray from Mad Dog Radio’s mid-morning slot in favor of former “Loudmouths” co-host Adam Schein. Given that the satellite broadcaster chooses to surround Chris Russo (above) with the likes of Dino Costa and Scott Wetzel, dismissing Murray in favor of Schein seems entirely in character with MDR’s addiction to bluster. Among those who took exception to the move : the current Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. From the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman :

Christie, relentless as usual, characterized Schein as a “whiney guy with glasses.”

“Are you kidding me? Adam Schein for Bruce Murray?” Christie asked. “Do you want to lose ears all across America? This guy (Schein) is unlistenable. Russo said the Governor was being a bit harsh.

“No, it’s not a little harsh,” Christie shot back. “Do you watch the Jets postgame show (that Schein appears on on SportsNet New York)? This is unbelievable.”

Christie is fond of Murray. He has appeared on his show. Friendship, and his definition of good radio, was all the motivation the Guv needed to pound away at Schein and belittle Russo.

“You’re kicking him (Murray) off ‘Mad Dog Radio.’ It’s outrageous,” Christie said. “Adam Schein? Come on. Chris, I love you as a radio host but your managerial decisions are lacking.”

“My management skills are not as good as yours, let’s put it that way. I have been inept,” Russo admitted. “Is this phone call more because Bruce is getting a raw deal or is this because you think Adam is a bad hire?”

“Both,” Christie said. “It’s a raw deal. And Adam, I don’t get it. You want this guy leading into you? What do you have, a death wish?”