(photo by Ed Arnaud, used sans permission)

JGTWO reported the passing of drumming virtuoso Chuck Biscuits last week, following a long battle with throat cancer.  Though Biscuits punched the clock with latter period stints in Social Distortion, Danzig and the Circle Jerks, his tenure with DOA and cup of coffee with Black Flag are what earned him his iconic status. Chuck was 44.

Chuck was easily one of my favorite drummers of all time and anyone who saw him play —- even with lesser lights — felt pretty much the same way.  Ever heard the claim made that you’d go to see a band purely to watch the drummer?  I did that a couple of time, simply because of Chuck. He was one of the rare drummers who elevated a merely good band to great, and on some occasions, took someone pretty mediocre and at least made them interesting.   Our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues.

(ED. NOTE : There’s a fair bit of contention surrounding the James Greene post and several persons are insisting Chuck Biscuits is very much alive. If that’s the case…in the words of Emily Litella, NEVER MIND).