The Newcastle United Supporters Trust organized a mass walkout of St. James Park during the 69th minute of Saturday’s match with Cardiff City in protest over the poor decisions of chairman Mike Ashley.  Instead of a straight recitation of the varied offenses that pushed the Toon Army to the brink, let’s instead bask in The Fiver’s Daniel Harris‘ version of events  :

Ashley addressed the roof of their unique and historic ground, embroidering the view of the city it represents with the logo of his luxury leisurewear company. And still they moan! Reet fickle, them Geordies.

A sponsorship deal was struck with a company that harvests hopelessness, profiteers from poverty and exploits the exploited. Yet, rather than appreciate the revolutionary manner in which unfettered enterprise had been introduced to community and concern, the people were once again too dullwitted to comprehend its beauty. Reet fickle, them Geordies.

Last of all, he appointed as manager the most oily, smug, condescending celebrator of goals as though he scored them that could possibly exist. And were the populace grateful? No they were not. Rather, they railed at his negative selections, took umbrage when he fell out with their best player and were entirely unreceptive to the justifications and dampening of expectations that suited his own ends. Finally, they failed to appreciate the momentousness of a run, painstakingly compiled, of six consecutive defeats. Reet fickle, them Geordies.