ESPN’s studly John Clayton is tired of the Chunky Soup jokes.

Eagles center Hank Fraley didn’t do Donovan McNabb a favor by telling the world McNabb was so sick in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl loss to the Patriots that he could hardly call plays.

The Image age of McNabb “dry heaving” isn’t a good one.

As if McNabb hasn’t had enough problems. He’s had to overcome comments by Rush Limbaugh. He’s had to overcome three consecutive losses in NFC Championship games.

Now, until he gets back to a Super Bowl and wins the game, he has to fight the stigma of not being able to close the biggest game of his life.

McNabb would still face that stigma with or without Fraley’s nausea story. But how big a stigma is it, really? The Philly QB has been to 4 straight conference finals and finally made it to his first Super Bowl ; compared to Michael Vick, Peyton Manning or Daunte Culpepper, that’s pretty good. Rather than get into a serious discussion of whether or not McNabb has the fortitude to win the big one, maybe Clayton can find out if Andy Reid had a case of the butterflies last Sunday?