Browns General Manager Phil Savage has been something less than the toast of the blogosphere after it was revealed he’d told an email critic “go root for Buffalo, fuck you”  minutes after Cleveland’s 29-27 win at Orchard Park. The Plain Dealer’s Tony Grossi reports Savage has apologized to his shadowy e-heckler, though the question remains what sort of alleged adult goes out their way to bait a public figure and allows others to feign outrage when they get the response they wanted?

Browns general manager Phil Savage has acknowledged that he included a profanity in an e-mail response to an angry fan.

“True, it happened,” Savage said in an email to The Plain Dealer. “We have both apologized to each other since. The Browns’ fans have overwhelmingly been positive towards me since 2005 and I appreciate that greatly.”

The fan, who appeared on WKNR radio on the “Tony Rizzo Show” without giving his real name, said he had been badgering Savage during the course of the evening.

Savage sent the e-mail 23 minutes after the game ended.

In an email to the Associated Press, Savage said, “There had been previous e-mails from him over the months and enough was enough. We have both apologized to each other since.”